This page shall show a summary of plot progression in the Animorphs Fanon. This plot takes place in an alternate universe from the original Animorphs, and is set in modern day times.


The plot begins with several Andalite ships near Earth coming under attack by the forces of the Yeerks. These ships are each carrying an Escafil device, one of which is a new model, which supposedly allows for better control and development of the morphing skill. These ships are bombarded relentlessly, and their commander, knowing their defeat is emminent, orders the captains of the ships to hurl the Escafil devices to earth, preventing the Yeerks from gaining them. The commander, in possession of the more advanced model, places a fingerprint on it, imparting dna, and through the use of Utzum, memories. The devices are then hurled to earth. The Yeerk commander, however, refusing to allow anyone else to gain possession of the devices if he may not, shoots several missiles at them, destroying each only a few miles above the ground. The essence of the cubes, however, infects several small areas on earth. The four normal devices strike an area of Alaska, a deserted field in Texas, an unknown desert in Africa, and just outside of a suburb in New York. The fifth, more advanced, model infects a mountainous region of jungle in India.