Mason Jordan Rhodes
The Noble Spirit
Age 19
Birthdate January 9th, 1991
Height 5ft 9in
Weight 13o lbs
Gender Male
Species Human
Code Name Sky
Status Active
Affiliation Animorphs
Occupation Animorph


Mason J. Rhodes is a member of the Animorphs that is of Japanese American decent. He enjoys his falcon morph because hes always wanted to soar among the clouds. He became an animorph after he drank from a spring in a field while on vacation in Texas.



Mason's personality is quiet and calm, not really talking to people he doesnt know that well and keeping to himself. His persona is like that of his favorite animal as he is flighty and fiesty when one gets to know him like a peregrine in the respect that when not hunting its solitary (when not with its mate).


High Intelligence: Being one of the tops of his class in high school, Mason is a brilliant individual being able to easily overpower the instincts of his morphs. He is the tactical adviser of the animorphs being the one who helps coordinate strikes against the yeerks.

Athletic Ability: outside of his morphs he is a muy tai fighter being able to fend off 3 hork bajar with only a large pipe and his martial arts.

Natural Morphing Ability: Due to his connection to nature his ability to morph is more fluent than normal. He can gracefully morph and in a uniform pattern so that he may morph quickly.

Morphing abilityEdit

Having acquired the morphing ability he has taken to it like a fish to water. He uses his peregrine falcon morph the most often cutting school to soar for 2 hours at a time, his current battle morph is a liger (used the Frolis Maneuver to combine DNA from a lion and a tiger) and his current leisure morph is that of his cat Morticia.


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