"Pain, for whatever intention, brings only negative effects on the recipient." - Jason Reid

Jason Reid
Jason Reid
Jason Reid
Age 17
Birthdate February 27, 1994
Height 5ft 11in
Weight 130 lbs
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Active
Affiliation Himself
Occupation None

Jason Aaron Reid, commonly referred to as Reid, is a Human who gained the ability to morph from the essence of the Escafil Device.

Background Edit

Born in Austin, Texas, Jason Reid grew up as normal child, until he reached high school. His father and mother both died in a car crash while he was at school, leaving him without any relatives. After that, he got a job and moved into an apartment. After graduating from high school, he began to pack his bags, deciding he would move to California. However, before he left, he took a drive through a deserted field, and was struck by a strange "light". It had no immediate effect on him, and he shrugged it off as nothing. When he returned home, he went find his pet, and when he touched the dog's head, he accidentally acquired it's DNA. Right after that, he morphed. In a panic, he demorphed, remorphed, and demorphed again. When he finally sat down to think about it, he figured out (sort of) what had happened to him. He thought he gained the ability to turn into any animal he touched. The next morning, he hopped on a plane, heading to California.

When Reid arrived in California, he took a taxi to Inglewood, managed to obtain the house of a recently deceased old couple. He began testing out his new ability to morph, acquiring various "easy" animals such as cats and a few birds. By sheer luck, he's always demorphed before the two hour limit was up.

Synopsis Edit

Personality Edit

Reid is a fairly laid back person. He's quiet, and doesn't talk to others often, sticking to himself at school. Even though his parents have died, he doesn't show any emotion to it, either having moved on, or just not caring. Reid is quite fond of reading manga, having a decent collection of it, and, when not at work, he spends a great deal of time on the computer. Reid possesses an eidetic memory, meaning that he can remember an exceedingly large amount of information with extraordinary detail. This, however, only applies to information gathered visually, and he has a much more difficult time remembering auditory information.

Reid's favorite morph is his Golden Eagle morph, because he has a fondness for flying. Unlike the Animorphs, Reid has no qualms about acquiring the DNA of sentient beings without their consent, having acquired several Human DNA samples, and used the Frolis Maneuver to create "Elle", a new morph.

Abilities Edit

Eidetic memory: Reid has an eidetic memory, being able to remember everything he's ever seen (or read). Due to this, he can remember everything he's ever seen, being able to recite, word for word, things he's read, or recall in detail things that he's seen before.

Morphing Ability: Reid, despite having recently acquired the ability to morph, is highly talented in it, being able to perform the Frolis Maneuver just with some testing.

Battle Morph: Liger, Silvertip Grizzly
Raptor Morph: Golden Eagle
Human Morphs: Elle (used the Frolis Maneuver to combine DNA from several Humans he acquired)
Other Morphs: Pet Dog

Trivia Edit

  • Reid draws his first name from Jason Gideon and his surname from Spencer Reid, my two favorite characters from Criminal Minds. His middle name is Aaron, also from a Criminal Minds character, in this case, Aaron Hotchner.
  • Like his surnamesake, he has an eidetic memory.