James Bennett
James Bennett
Biographical information
Aliases Jim
New Boy
Apex Predator
The Lion
The Sixth Animorph
Age 15
Birthdate 1983
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Species Human
Status Alive
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Occupation Student,
Affiliation Animorphs,
Yeerk empire (temporarily)
Behind the scenes
First appearance My Name is Jake, Part 1
Last appearance The Front
Portrayed by Colton James

James William Bennett, commonly referred to as Jimmy, is a Human who gained the ability to morph from the essence of the Escafil Device.


Jimmy is a kid with an attitude and is also smart a times. He manipulate people that he dislike. He was original an enemy of Animorphs, but became good friends with them. Jimmy like to read comic books and play video games.


Battle Morph(s): White Lion (Main), Rattlesnake

Flight Morph(s): Golden Eagle (Main), Great Horned Owl

Morph Episode Acquired
Ferret My Name is Jake, Part 2
Skink The Underground
White Lion
White Rat On the Run
Jack Russell Terrier Between Friends
Cockroach The Escape
Grizzly Bear
Golden Eagle The Alien
Human (Rachel) The Capture, Part 2
Human (Marco)
Rattlesnake The Reaction
Great Horned Owl The Forgotten
Horse (off-screen) The Leader, Part 1
Wolf The Release
Mouse Face Off, Part 1
Human-Controller Face Off, Part 2
Mallard My Name is Erek
White-headed Capcuchin Changes, Part 1
Rabbit Changes, Part 2
Lizard Changes, Part 3
Bat The Front
  • James has a total 23 morphs in the series.