James Bennett
Age 15
Birthdate 1983
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Affiliation Animorphs,
Yeerk empire (temporarily)
Occupation Student,

James William Bennett, commonly referred to as Jimmy, is a Human who gained the ability to morph from the essence of the Escafil Device.


Jimmy is a kid with an attitude and is also smart a times. He manipulate people that he dislike. He was original an enemy of Animorphs, but became good friends with them. Jimmy like to read comic books and play video games.


Battle Morph(s): White Lion (Main), Rattlesnake

Flight Morph(s): Golden Eagle (Main), Great Horned Owl

Morph Episode Acquired
Ferret My Name is Jake, Part 2
Skink The Underground
White Lion
White Rat On the Run
Jack Russell Terrier Between Friends
Cockroach The Escape
Grizzly Bear
Golden Eagle The Alien
Human (Rachel) The Capture, Part 2
Human (Marco)
Rattlesnake The Reaction
Great Horned Owl The Forgotten
Horse (off-screen) The Leader, Part 1
Wolf The Release
Mouse Face Off, Part 1
Human-Controller Face Off, Part 2
Duck My Name is Erek
White-headed Capcuchin Changes, Part 1
Rabbit Changes, Part 2
Lizard Changes, Part 3
Bat The Front
  • James has a total 23 morphs in the series.

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